Alexis Blue
alexis blue is a Freelance photographer & graphic designer. starting her own business in 2016, bpo+ digital media, blue decided to expand her commercial style of work to the sports industry, where she's a freelance photographer and graphic designer for: pro organizations, schools at the collegiate, high school, and middle school level, and professional athletes.
blue uses her style of work to increase not only brand awareness, but athlete awareness. she believes an athlete isn't just apart of a team to make others' money, but a individual token that deservers their own spotlight. this mindset has made her work become recognized by sports illustrated, dreamer, grip boost, and phenom elite. even though she hasn't been in the sports game for long, her work as also been published in sports illustrated, prepredzone al, and many other collegiate and professional organization websites. 
a proud alumna of the university of alabama, blue graduated summa cum laude in 2021 with a b.s. in marketing and minor in photography. while at the capstone, she was able to work with alabama athletics. blue has been in the photography game since 2016, where she created her own brand, bpo+ digital media. she has recently stepped into the creative sports realm back in june 2021, where she has honed in on her sports photography and design. with her creative vision and artistic touch, blue aims to show each athletes' individual personality and swagger. just like her business motto, she wants to use her creativity to be an addition to each athletes' success.